About Mikibo

At Mikibo we want to help you to get active and regain control of your health. We provide tools to help you improve your diet and fitness. We aim to help people who are motivated to get fit and healthy. We do not have any magic or "quick fix" solutions.

The Mikibo Team

Mikibo has assembled a team of health and fitness experts who have a wealth of industry and academic experience to share with our members.

Dr Toby Heap

Toby founded Mikibo in 2005 in response to increasing worldwide health concerns related to poor nutrition and inactivity. While completing his Doctoral Degree in 2003 Toby wondered what could be done about the growing rates of obesity around the world. He realized that a large part of the problem was that people did not understand the basic principles of balancing energy intake with energy expenditure.

Toby received his PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Sydney in 2005 after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise and Sport Science. He has coached rowing and is a level 4 middle and long distance running coach with the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association.

Tony Boutagy

Tony is a strength coach and a doctoral student at the Australian Catholic University. Tony is actively involved in strength & conditioning and providing educational seminars and resources for personal trainers and strength coaches. He is the co-author of two books, System 3: The Complete Guide to Fitness & Wellbeing and Weight Loss: An 8 Week Plan for Losing Weight & Staying Healthy (Funtastic, 2004). Tony was the recipient of the 2004 Australian Fitness Industry's Author of the Year award.

Tony has completed a Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (ACU), Cert IV in Fitness (AIF), Cert IV Work Place Assessor (AIF), Level 1 Poliquin Certified Strength Coach, and Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCA).

Phil Chapman

Phil is an Exercise and Sport Scientist who works at the University of Sydney, School of Exercise and Sport Science. He received his degree in Exercise and Sport Science with honours in 1999 at the University of Sydney and won the Gatorade Prize for Exercise Physiology. He is currently finishing his PhD studying the limitations to endurance exercise in hot environments.

Phil has a keen interest in endurance sports. He competed for NSW and Australia in rowing in the junior and U23 levels before switching to cycling. He then competed on the European cycling circuit for some years as a semi-professional. His main interests include ultra-endurance cycling, dietary manipulations and performance, the effect of the environment on performance and the biomechanics of cycling.

Dr Nicki Brake

Nicki is a lecturer and course coordinator in the Faculty of Education at the Australian Catholic University in Sydney. Nicki lectures in Personal Development, Health, Physical Education, Dance and Child Protection.

Nicki completed her PhD in Medicine (Public Health) at the University of Sydney in 2006, investigating physical self-concepts in children, adolescents and young adults. She also has a Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) and a Bachelor of Dance Education. Nicki has taught Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and Dance in primary and secondary schools and has been lecturing at tertiary institutions for the past six years. She has also worked in gyms as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer.

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